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Afrika Mashariki Fest

Its bigger than just one person or one cause

The East African Dream

Afrika Mashariki Fest (AMF) is a movement of thousands of young people in East Africa that is creating awareness for EAC Integration by weaving the message of Integration  and cohesion into the minds of community members. Besides, AMF is a big promoter of domestic tourism in the region.

The idea of having an integrated East Africa wasn’t born today. It dates back to the 1830’s where we had the famous Long Distance Trade which had people like the Nyamwezi from Tanzania, the Akamba from Kenya, the Banyoro and Baganda from Uganda and the Arabs from the Indian Ocean Coast.

This trade had united the people of this region until the coming of the colonialists who started introducing artificial and arbitrary boarders cutting across communities of East Africa and the rest of Africa.

With more 10,000 young people in the region building this organization from the ground up, community by community, one conversation at a time—whether that’s on a front porch or on Facebook, we’re committed to finding EAC come true.

But thats not all. Here is more of about Afrika Mashariki Fest:

Regional Cohesion

Help foster Regional Cohesion among the wananchi

Domestic Tourism

Help promote domestic tourism

EAC Integration

Help Create Awareness About EAC Integration

Everything that Powers Up Our Marathons

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