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Our Story

Who We Are

We are Afrika Mashariki Fest

Afrika Mashariki Fest is a movement of thousands of young people in East Africa that is creating awareness of EAC Integration by weaving the message of Integration  and cohesion into the minds of community members. Besides, AMF completes itself by being a big promoter of domestic tourism in the region.

What Exactly Keeps Us Going? What is our mission and vision as an Organization?
  1. Our Mission is to engage the youth to embrace regional integration through Art, Sports and Civil Society Advocacy
  2. Our Vision is to be the East African Community Secretariat extension partners as we pursue a fully integrated East Africa.
  3. Our Cause is to Run for East Africa Integration, Promote Domestic Tourism and to foster cohesion among the Wananchi

Our Values

  1. East Africanism: To spread the spirit of East Africanism to every citizen in the region. Our team sleeps with this in mind
  2. Domestic Tourism: To ensure that Afrika Mashariki Fest promotes domestic tourism in the region
  3. Cohesion: To spread the love for East Africa among its citizenry from all corners of the region through sports, art and advocacy.


Ronex Tendo Kisembo

Group CEO
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We want to be very clear: We’re the first youth generation to run for East Africa, and the last generation that can do something about it. Join us Now.

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