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Bujumbura Peace Run

Embracing Sports to Promote Cohesion. Take the journey with us.

Sports which is hinged on the principle of Fair Play, tolerance and friendship is unifying in its very nature of free play, recreation and competition. It is a powerful tool in strengthening social ties and networks and to promotion of the ideals of Peace, fraternity, solidarity, non violence, tolerance and justice. We therefore appeal to all Burundians to embrace sports as a global peace initiative.

First, we unleash the Bujumbura Peace Run 2017 Logo in its beauty and boldness

The Peace Run logo encompasses our beliefs in the peace process. The different elements in the Logo are explained below;

  1. The “B” is wrapped in the Burundi national flag to represent the sovereignity of Burundi as an independent state and the patriotism of her citizen.
  2. The dove carrying an olive branch is one of the universal symbols of peace
  3. The dove wrapped in the EAC flag represents the efforts of the EAC partner states in preaching peace.
  4. The dove perches on the highest point represents peace starting from the capital city and spreading to the rest of the county

Peace Run Venue: Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium.

Theme: “Embracing Sports to Promote Cohesion”.

Proposed time: 8:30am – 12:30pm.

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Proposed run categories: 10km, 5km and 2km for kids.

Who will be in attendance: Regional Leaders, Regional Athletes and the Burundian Community.

Why are we volunteering to champion this cause?

  1. To sensitise the Burundi citizenry on the need to embrace dialogue as a means to conflict resolution.
  2. To sensitise the Youth in Burundi on the need to engage in peace building and income generating projects aimed at bettering them- selves and their country.
  3. To engage the youth on the need to disengage themselves from politicians who want to use them in activities aimed at destabilizing peace in Burundi
  4. To use this run as a way of fostering cohesion amongst the Burundians.
  5. To promote domestic tourism and paint a positive picture of Burundi to the international tour community about the situation in Burundi.
  6. The 5 km peace run is symbolic in that, in the game of football, position 5 is for the defender and we strongly believe that issues of Burundi MUST be left to Burundians first and the sovereignty of Burundi as a country MUST be respected. The primary defenders of peace in Burundi should be the Barundi.
  7. We also envisage that this run which will be held annually and will strongly impact onto the Burundians especially the youth by interacting and hearing peace calls from the visiting World and Olympic Champions from EAC partner states.
  8. Use this run to communicate to the outside world that Burundi people are committed and forging ways to address their political differences for a stable future.
  9. The intended Peace Monument with Champions Footprints will be a mark of reference to the peace process.
  10. It is also a Public Relations opportunity for the Burundi government to shed off the dark image that the outside world is continuously relaying in regards to the Burundi situation.

Peace Run Visuals- Start/ Finish Truss

Peace Run Visuals- The Champions Peace Monument


The Champions Peace Monument will be erected in one of the neutral and strategic round abouts in Bujumbura City. It will feature a pillar that will have the names of these Champions and their countries of origin with a brief historical record. The floor will have physical marks of their Foot Prints well labelled. Around them we will have grass and flowers with a clear walk way leading to the monument.


This monument will be an icon of the Burundi peace building process and a constant reminder to the citizenry of Burundi to always commit to dialogue as a means of conflict resolution. It will ultimately serve as one of Bujumbura’s Key Tourist Attractions for far many years ahead.

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Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve. You don’t have to have a college degree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love.

~Martin Luther King, Jr.

Welcome to Bujumbura

As Afrika Mashariki Fest, we envisage the Bujumbura Peace Run to impact on the peace process for Burundi in many ways. You can play a big part in this event.

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AMF Burundi Chapter member addressing the audience during the Peace Run press conference in Bujumbura on 16th February, 2017

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