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The Mayor of Bujumbura adds Entertainment to the Bujumbura Peace Run

commends efforts of young people in their voluntary pursuit of an Integrated East Africa

The Bujumbura Peace Run will be officially flagged off at 8:00 am on Saturday 27th May 2017 at Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium. It’s here that all community members will be running for peace, creating cohesion and networking opportunities amongst themselves and visiting East Africans.

The Mayor of Bujumbura – His Worship Hon. Freddy Mbonimpa has today announced additional financial support to help Afrika Mashariki Fest inspire Burundians to make it to the stadium on the run day.

The Mayor of Bujumbura – His Worship Hon. Freddy Mbonimpa has today announced additional financial support for Afrika Mashariki Fest

Afrika Mashariki Fest (AMF) Group CEO Kisembo Ronex Tendo and Burundi Chapter Members paid a courtesy call to His Worship, the mayor and the team was profoundly honored and exceedingly humbled by the commitment of the Mayor’s office in officially approving a partnership with the organizers of the #BujumburaPeaceRun.

Specifically, the mayor’s office offered to support the team and :

  • In preparing the event for Bujumbura as well as promote peace and domestic tourism in Burundi and in East Africa.
  • Inspire the youth in Burundi and the community to go for peace and development initiatives.

The Mayor of Bujumbura and the CEO of Afrika Mashariki Fest

In case you’ll not be running and you meet the running team on the road, please join in the spirit of the Run. Give them a big cheer and a wave as they run by, or just join in yourself for some  experience of running for peace as a region in Bujumbura.

Put on your running shoes and give the country a hand while you complete your own mileage. From 10KM to 5km or 2km for your child….it’s up to you.

On Behalf of Bujumbura City, I commend your efforts as young people in your voluntary pursuit of an Integrated East Africa by awareness creation. My office will look around amidst all challenges and fund the dinner at 5Million Francs. This will be a welcome gesture to the visiting champions and beauty queens.

We will as well liaise fully with you in ensuring that this event becomes a success,” says the mayor.

The youth and the entire community of Bujumbura therefore needs to put their best foot forward and remember that the hope of the country and East Africa as a whole lies on their shoulders in pursuit of moving our region forward.

The Mayor addressing the Press during Launch of Bujumbura Peace Run early in February, 2017

Ways to Participate

  1. You or someone you know plays in a band, sings in a choir or school music group? Why not write a song and perform it for the Bujumbura Peace team? Ask others to be involved and make it into a very short concert.
  2. Just get creative, why not record your song about Peace or Running and then send it to the runners. Your inspiration will help inspire the runners.
  3. You can volunteer on the run day and help so many people who will be running.
  4. You can also speak to your company and sponsor this event.
  5. You can share this page on twitter, Facebook or Instagram so as to reach so many people who need this information
  6. Also, we know you have ideas. Please let us know how you want to help

Afrika Mashariki Fest Burundi Chapter Members in a group photo during the press conference

Overall, there are so many ways to participate and just as a country gets on a development course, it finds expression in every field of human endeavor, your participation in the Peace Run can be through running, music, art or writing. Just know that participation in this Peace Run is fun.

As a corporate partner of the Bujumbura Peace Run 2017, your company, organization, mission, government – large or small, can receive community and AMF recognition for supporting peace in our region

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