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Welcome to Burundi

Runner Information

We have a few days left to the Bujumbura Peace Run. Ahead of Race Day, all RUNNERS need to register, collect their running kits and have to report early on run day.

  • To collect your running kits, please go to EconetLeo offices.
  • To book your hotel, please go here
  • Have registered yet, please go here
  • Why the run, please head here
  • All exhibitors, please contact us now or come to our offices for guidelines.

Start and Finish Points

  • We start and finish off at Prince Louis Rwagasore Stadium.

Drink Points

  • We have water points allover the running route. Be ready to pick a bottle of Aquavie water for yourself.

Medical Assistance

  • Our ambulances and our medical team will be right with you, every step of the way.

What to do if you couldn’t attend the Peace Run

Although we encourage everyone to register for the Bujumbura Peace Run in person we know this isn’t always possible. Here’s what you needed to do if you couldn’t attend the event:

  • Be there next year
  • Nominate someone to attend the event and collect your runner number for you.
  • Your nominee needs to provide a letter written and signed by you, giving permission for them to collect your number. They also need to bring a copy of your identification.
  • Your nominee also needs to bring some identification (for example, ID