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The East African Anthem and Flag

The Symbol and joy of EAST AFRICA

The Anthem

East African Flag

EAC flag

This flag is our Identity. It is our symbol of our region and brotherhood. To stand for the anthem is our choice.

The Community Emblem Act, 2003 sets out the symbolism behind the flag as explained below:

  • Blue: Lake Victoria signifying the unity of the EAC Partner States.
  • White, Black, Green, Yellow, Red: Representing the different colours of the flags of each of the EAC Partner States.
  • Handshake: East African Community.
  • Centre: Emblem of the East African Community.

The EAC Anthem:

The 12th Ordinary Summit of the EAC Heads of State meeting in Arusha adopted the EAC Anthem, Wimbo wa Jumuiya Afrika Mashariki, on 3 December 2010. The adoption of the Anthem brought to an end a decade-long search for a song that East Africans would call their own.

Wimbo wa Jumuiya Afrika Mashariki is a melodic three-stanza composition written in Kiswahili. It exhorts East Africans to pursue the virtues of unity, patriotism and hard work, while cultivating a spirit of comradeship